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Rare View of a Twelfth Century Laptop In Use  
The Old  Folks at Home


  •  The Bishops (a complete list) of Chartres, particularly:
  •  Members of the Cathedral Chapter :
  •  Dignataries (Personae) & Canons of the Cathedral chapter. 
  •  Significant Families of the Region:
    •  The Viscounts of Chartres (Lords of LePuiset)
    •  The Lords of Lèves
    •  The Lords of Gallardon
    •  The Caput Ferri clan
    •  The majores of Champhol
    •  Other "Lords of the Beauce"
Etienne Houvet seated on a window sill.


  One of the most photographed places on the planet.... 
   but there's always room for one more.

  • Some of the unparalleled heliograveures from the glass-plate contact photographs of Etienne Houvet (seated on the Window Sill at the left, under the Flyer ). 
  • Old Postcards and photographs illustrating....  
    • Previous states of the Cathedral (e.g., a West Lancet Window with different leading?); 
    • No longer extant buildings (e.g., the destroyed 13th c. Eastern city-gate, the "Porte Guillaume"), and earlier states of the cathedral (e.g., the pre-postcard stall look of the first floor of the North tower)
    • The precious relic of the "Voile de Notre-Dame"; 
    • Other Churches, Chapels and Houses in the town, &cetera; 
  • The sculptures of the Royal (West) Portal ;
  • Coins from the Chartres mint and related centers;
  • Pilgrims' Badges from the 13th-15th centuries;
  • Seals of local and related institutions and individuals; 


















  • Maps of the towns & the diocese (Including a map of the Diocese before 1687 in  
    •  Small (199k) & (with more viewable details) 
    •  Large (303k) formats. 
  • Geographical Dictionaries 
  •   Abbeys, Collegials and Priories in the diocese, including: 
    •  Saint Peter ("Saint-Père") of Chartres, the original Benedictine house, just outside the city, down on the Eure;
    •  Saint Florentin of Bonneval, an ancient Benedictine house in the Beauce, between Chartres & Chateaudun;
    •  Saint Cheron of Chartres, an ancient collegiate abbey in the cemetery of the city;
    •  Saint John ("Saint-Jean-en-Vallée") of Chartres, a collegiate abbey reformed by St. Ivo in the late 11th century;
    •  Saint Martin ("Saint-Martin-au-Val") of Chartres, near the site of the first Christian cemetary of the Chartraine church, later an important priory of Marmoutier in the 12th century; 
    •  Saint André, a collegial on the banks of the Eure, below the apse of the cathedral, on the site of the ampetheater of the Roman city; 
    •  Saint Mary ("de Josaphat") of Levès, in the valley of the Eure, a few kilometers downstream from Chartres, the necropolis of several 12th century Bishops; 
    •  Les Vaux-de-Cernay, an important early daughter of Citeaux; 
  •  CONVENTS  in the diocese (thanks in part to the soon-to-be amazing resource of the Monasticon database of the Matrix project): 
    •  St. Avit of Chateaudun (refounded in 1045); 
    •  St. Remi-des-Landes , founded in 1060 by Bishop Robert III (near Clairefontaine- en-Yvelines);
    •  Belhomer (a priory of Fontevraud, founded before 1132);
    •  S. Cyr-au-Val-de-Gallie (Saint-Cyr-l'Ecole), founded circa 1156 by Bishop Robert III ; 
    •  L'Eau (Aqua), an important Cistercian house a few kilometers South of the city, at Ver-lès-Chartres, founded in 1226; 
  • Connected monuments, including the marvelous painting in stone on the Royal (South) Portal of the collegial church of St. Mary at Étampes (30km. East of Chartres, about half way to Sens). 


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Janus Cutting the Epiphany Bread (he's pulling the knife in his right hand toward himself, through the round loaf)

Problem here is, where to start.

And, where to stop.


Job getting a little Feedback from his wife (archivolt from the West [King's Heads] Portal of the North Porch)


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